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Born To Rise (BTR) began as a non-profit organization solely with the objective to feature real people sharing real stories which explore and bring awareness to topics such as vitiligo, self acceptance, acceptance of others, bullying as well as other relevant issues within the realm of rising above adversities. 

Born To Rise was created by the founder, Aiesha Robinson, a few years after the diagnosis of her skin condition called vitiligo at the age 18. Robinson, experienced being judged, and bullied; suffered from self-hate, depression, and suicidal thoughts and attempts. Sentiments she wishes for no one to ever have to go through. She saw a necessity for others to know that they are not alone, and that they too, can rise above adversity. That’s when she came up with the idea of hosting an annual live show featuring ‘everyday’ people sharing their story of overcoming adversities through performance, spoken word, or public speaking to inspire individuals to rise above their own hardships.

Today, BTR is looking to expand beyond the Born To Rise stage by creating a community of individuals that overcome adversity and  providing workshops, and events throughout the year. Furthermore, Born To Rise will also act as an agency for speakers. Developing the voices of yesterday’s change-makers and placing them in low income public schools to inspire underprivileged youths. The mission is to foster a community of change-makers through storytelling.

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