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Your Next Speaker!

Are you looking for someone to speak to your students, team, or organization about rising above personal mindset blockages and external challenges? Through my speaking engagements, I’ve taught over 18,000 people to RISE above adversity. You could be next!

Book me today to learn how I can inspire your students and colleagues to shift their mindset and contribute to a healthy people culture while overcoming their own insecurities. My signature talks are each inspired from my own vulnerability and authentic experiences. They include:

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Embracing Your Imperfections

Join me on a journey from self-hate to self-love! Using my own vitiligo diagnosis as a reference, I will teach you how to change the way you see yourself by leveraging your imperfections into powerful assets.


Born To Rise

Learn from your challenges and grow stronger! Through my own experience of working several unfulfilling jobs and sinking beneath school programs that weren’t right for me,  I’ll show you how to deconstruct impostor syndrome and find your path. No matter how many times you fall, know that you are born to RISE.


The Bully vs. The Bullied

Coming to you with perspective from both sides of the spectrum, I’ll take you into the mind of both the bully and the bullied. Why do we feel the need to exert control over others? Why do we let ourselves be brought down? Learn how to stop these harmful behaviours before they escalate.

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