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Our purpose is already within us, we must RISE above the pain to find it.

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I’ve experienced firsthand the damage caused by battling insecurities, personal failures, and discrimination every day. At first, my vitiligo diagnosis felt like a curse, leading to self-loathing and suicidal thoughts.

Since then, I’ve transformed my own imperfections into my greatest assets. I am thriving today as a published fashion model, founder of the nonprofit organization Born to Rise, a motivational speaker, and a self-love and public-speaking coach. By sharing my story, I aim to inspire students and developing professionals to stand tall and to RISE above their own challenges, while decreasing bullying on and off school and work grounds.

Through the transformative power of the RISE framework, I will teach you how to improve your mental health and overcome impostor syndrome, procrastination, bullying, and general adversity.

As we shape the next generation, we have the privilege to help individuals embrace their differences, to believe themselves worthy of love and success, and to RISE above life’s many curveballs in schools and in the workplace. We also have a responsibility to check in on our own methods of overcoming challenging situations, so that we can become change-makers. Book me now and let’s RISE together!

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Our students left the room
with a true sense of what
empathy means, &
undoubtedly, better equipped
for the bigger world that
awaits them outside The
Priory’s doors.

Priory Elementrary

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